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    Little Snail series is a children’s books series Ecommerce site. SLD designed and developed the site to show the fun of seeing the world through books. Check out the full site here!

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What we can do.


We offer a number of digital services in addition to our gorgeous web design and development. We'll tackle Landing Pages, Banner Ads, Email Marketing Templates, Facebook Timelines, Twitter Pages, and any other internet graphic you need to get the word out about what you do.


Our extensive print design services include Advertisements, Brochures, Programs, Business Cards, Catalogs, Mailers, Post Cards, Flyers, and Trade show signage. We’d love to give you a sense of what we can do for you.


If you’re ready to discuss how we might work our magic on your logo, business stationery, and other brand identity components, then don’t be shy—let’s set up a consultation!
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  • Lately, the number one question I get asked by clients is – “Will people be able to view my site on their smart phone.” The answer I give is yes. For the past year SLD has been exclusively creating responsive websites. This means that the site is configured to automatically change size and functionality for […]

  • I am super excited for the launch of the new Compost for Brooklyn website this spring. I started this project through the New York Care’s Hands On Tech program a little under a year ago. Through a partnership with Google, HandsOn Tech is New York Cares’ newest initiative aiming to bring affordable and sustainable technology […]

  • Thank you to Ladies Lotto for inviting me to an incredible private event with Olek, a fabulous street artist who’s work brings a distinctly feminine touch to the generally masculine genre of street art. Olek spoke to us about her upbringing in Communist Poland, the subsequent scarcity of resources and how that experience caused her […]

  • One of the founding philosophies of SLD is “collaboration is creation.” As I relaunch my website I’d like to thank all the talented people that helped me in this process. Thanks guys, I couldn’t have done it with out you! Pete Holmberg – York 24 Public Relations Jean Tang – MarketSmiths Chellise Michael – Chellise […]

  • On my homepage I reference something called the freelance revolution. What’s that you ask? Check out what Atlantic Monthly is saying below… “It’s been called the Gig Economy, Freelance Nation, the Rise of the Creative Class, and the e-conomy, with the “e” standing for electronic, entrepreneurial, or perhaps eclectic. Everywhere we look, we can see […]

  • Talk to anyone in the marketing field today and they will tell you that the best and most effective marketing is word of mouth. It is after all the very first form. Before magazines, newspapers, t.v., and radio word of a great product spread from neighbor to neighbor based upon personal experience and recommendations. In […]

  • “I first hired Shannon to create a brochure for my company MSB Creative Restaurant Consulting. Shannon is also currently helping me redesign my company website and she is the only person I recommend to my restaurant clients with a desire to design a clear marketing vision and creative direction for their web presence. You will not work with a more vibrant partner capable of helping you bring out the best in your brand through your entire web or print marketing projects.”

    Sean Brennan - MSB Creative Restaurant Consulting

    “Shannon's design work is topnotch. She wields an impressive palette of styles and concepts. Even greater than her talent is her manner: pleasant, unruffled, accommodating, sweet...distinctly NOT New York City (although she is otherwise a New Yorker through and through). I recommend Shannon without hesitation for value-priced, high quality websites, logos, and print work."

    Jean Tang - MarketSmiths